Challenge single track in High Atlas Mountains


We have seen many wonderful mule paths that we really wanted to ride on our trail bikes. Now we have settled the matter and created a centre-based single-track program near Marrakech. Adrenaline, great beauty and a voyage of cultural discovery are waiting for you in the Atlas Mountains.

Morocco's indigenous people, the Berbers, still use many of the ancient paths to transport themselves and their pack animals, the mules, around the Atlas Mountains, and these trails form the foundation of our new tour. Mules are a very much a live part of the infrastructure in the mountains and on this trip you'll see locals who make a conscious choice not to use modern dirt roads but stick to the old routes instead. This helps keep narrow, vertiginous and tricky biking trails accessible, and allows for an unbeatable flow and fun-to-pain ratio.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION  : From Airport or Your Hotel/Riad


6 Days

Min Age

14 +



Starting From

€ 700

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Airport-Transfer to Hotel or Riad in Marrakech

Meet by ourselves on your arrival in Morocco at Marrakech airport and transfer to evening accommodation. If you brought your bike with you, we will take you to our shop to mount it and keep your box until the end of trip. And then travel through the millennia-old city wall into Medina and the pulsating heart of Marrakech. The tranquillity we meet inside the Riad contrast with the alarm outside- this really is an oasis of peace, and in general Marrakech will surprise you with the lack of hustle-bustle (within the old town at least). We have a short briefing before taking a short trip through the Souks (market streets), cruising between the snake charmers and fortune-tellers in the unforgettable Djemma el Fnaa and eating dinner together at a restaurant that lets the atmosphere of North Africa sweep us away.

Day 2

Marrakech 1 Hour Transfer to Imlil Valley

In the morning we drive towards the atlas foothills and the small village of Imlil Situated in the heart of the Toubkal National Park, Imlil is the principal trailhead village for biking peaks in North Africa. The village offers good infrastructure for people wanting a pleasant mountain base for a few days, but is also an excellent place to start and/or finish longer, more linear, hikes. Its accessibility to Marrakech (under an hour and a half by road) makes it an excellent choice to get a good feel for how rural Moroccans live their lives, and much of the surrounding area is home to a landscape of snow-capped mountains (in season), verdant valleys and earth-brick villages where life has changed little in centuries.

When everyone is ready and all our kit is loaded we start the first (optional but recommended) climb of the day. The support vehicle goes ahead to prepare lunch at the top of the Tamatert pass (2300m). This is an early lunch as the climb is short but very useful for checking everything with the bikes is and working correctly ready for the singletrack. After lunch the fun really begins! We follow the singletrack above the Imenane River. The route takes us through a number of narrow villages, all linked by singletrack, as we descend (with a few short climbs) all the way into Imlil and the lodge for the night (1720) Mountain biking approx 39 km.

Day 3

Imlil - Ouirgane valley short walk + mountain biking)

Today we are going over the pass Tizi Mezzik (2280m). Our bikes are transported by a mule and we are all walking to the pass. Then we will hit the road again with our bikes. A nice but difficult – single track – descent over rough and sometimes steep slopes through the beautiful valley of Azadene village. Along the way, we have views over beautiful valleys. Total: walking approx. 1, 5 hours Mountain biking approx. 35 km.

Day 4

Ouirgane - Ait Zitoun (35m / +850 m / -750m)

Today we begin a 2-day long mission into the back country and overnight in a simple gueste house in the village of Ait Zitoun (of course we will transport your overnight kit bag here for you). We roll down to the dam of Ouirgane and soon begin a trail that runs all the way above an impressive gorge. The first section is substantially exposed and soon heads steeply upward- so be prepared for a little hike-a-bike the first half hour and wear appropriate rubber soled biking shoes. From the crest and there awaits an epic 10 km stretch, mostly downhill, along the river gorge, with awesome views throughout. The path is reasonably wide and not too technical, but there are steep sides and some risk so concentration must be on top. In the bottom of the ravine we turn along the mountainside west onto more undulating paths to the village of Imi n'Tal'at where a hearty lunch waiting for us. The rest of the day sees us tackle a mix of riverbeds, gravel roads and classic singletrack trails around the area of Air Zitoun. Here we have some flexibility and can lengthen or shorten the route based on the group's wishes. At our finishing point there awaits a local hammam (steam room), dinner and after darkness has fallen, a roof terrace, from where we can see the city lights from Marrakech to the north, the snowy Atlas mountains to the south and thousands of stars above- paradise. Mountain biking approx 35 km.

Day 5

Ait zitoun-Imi Ntala.

We start with a singletrack Ridgeline ascent. The grip is good but you need to pick a good line and save your energy for the tricky bits which are thrown in there just to spice it up! From the top of this challenge we have a traverse and singletrack descent back into a riverbed on the other side of the valley for another, very technical ascent. This one is rockier (but not loose) and good trials skills will be an enormous advantage. A real lung buster, but you'll be amazed at the level of grip that drives you forward and makes it a really good section. From the top here there is a fantastic singletrack descent for your reward before another, shorter, smooth, steady singletrack traverse which pops us onto a dirt track road which takes us to the head of another fast, smooth singletrack descent and the van for lunch which is just 1km down the road. After lunch we have a short, steady traverse through several rustic villages to Ait Ahmad where the Gite or the guest house for the night is. An earlier finish, usually around 4.30pm will help you recover for the next singletrack 'Mega Day' tomorrow. This is a great village to explore with its incredible landscape, scenery and caves. (1483m Mountain biking approx. 35 km.

Day 6

Imi Ntala - Imidle—Marrakech

This is the last day on the bike and the best. A real singletrack 'Mega Day' which will challenge your fitness and technical ability, but only because the trails are so good you just 'have' to keep going! We start with a gentle traverse and climb to the top of the pass which takes 45 minutes and includes a 20 minute hike-a-bike, but the rewards at the top are incomprehensible! If you enjoy single track, this is your heaven! This is fast and flowing to start and as it drops in height the trail becomes more technical into the riverbed. All easy to ride, One of the sections of single track runs through a dry riverbed. It's smooth with rocks lining the twisting route so if you come off-line you get punished. The twisting route makes you throw the bike around as you shift your weight from one pedal to the next to find the grip out of the slide and into the next bend. Almost like slalom. Big gear, flat out. Mountain biking approx. 38 km. +1h and half by car to Marrakech

Group 2_4 people

750 €

Group 5_10 people

740 €

Group 11_18 people

700 €


Includes & Excludes

Essential Equipment

We recommend packing the following items:

- Normal daily clothes

- Padded cycling shorts and gloves

- Breathable top or cycling jersey

- Sunglasses/eye protection

- Stiff-soled shoes suitable for cycling

- Waterproofs and long cycling trousers

- For the earlier departures you may need some warmer layers

- Sun cream

- Energy cycling gels offer a quick form of carbs replenishment. Most contain the simple carb sugar, which is the fastest form of energy to replace glycogen. It's suggested that people who cycle at a moderate intensity for more than 90 minutes, need to replace between 30g and 65g of carbohydrates per hour and we would thoroughly recommend bringing some of these with you, as well as some energy bars